Fire Damage and Restoration

The smokey smell of fire is undeniable. The heat from the flames can cause extensive damage to your property, with some fires even burning down buildings.


To handle this type of disaster, you need an experienced team that knows how bests practices in restoring properties back into their original state – just like they did before the tragedy happened to them. Let us help restore what has been lost due to our experience dealing not only with fire but also water damage disasters too.


When you need a team that can respond quickly and efficiently, contact Metro Water Damage Restoration. Our experts are trained in all aspects of fire damage cleanup with quick response times for your convenience.


Luckily for you, the experts at Metro Water Damage Restoration know how to handle water and fire damage. We’ll evaluate your property in order to determine what type of restoration is needed so that it meets both aesthetic needs as well preserving functionality. You can rest easy knowing our team will take care not only about cleaning but also removing any smoke-induced stains from fabrics inside homes or businesses.


We understand how devastating fire damage is to your business. Our team will help you get back on track with 24-hour commercial and residential fire damage and restoration services that are quick and efficient, so we can reopen the doors for customers or family members again.