Mold Growth and Remediation

For many homeowners, mold is a pesky problem since it not only causes problems with your home’s air quality but also can lead to structural damage and even illness if left unchecked. Luckily we have highly trained mold remediation experts who will help you get rid of the mold in no time at all.


Mold is a toxic, dangerous substance that can be costly to clean up and has been known to cause respiratory problems. In case you somehow have doubts about the safety of your home or office building’s air quality because it smells musty-you should call Metro Water Damage Restoration right away. Our certified mold remediation specialists will come into each room with protective gear before treating every square inch for signs of molds, so they don’t return again later on down the road.


Our certified mold remediation specialists are trained in handling all types of water damage and can help restore your property back into normalcy.


With Metro Water Damage Restoration, you can have confidence that we will remove any sign of mold from your space. We use industry-leading techniques for a quick process with results that leave the area cleaner than ever before. First off? A survey to assess what type and severity levels are present in order to make sure this isn’t something too hard on our end – like full remediation if necessary. Once done assessing things visually or via air sampling tests, next comes removing them using powerful tools designed specifically to handle these situations, all while leaving no trace behind so they never come back again.